Blessed Isaiah



This past weekend we celebrated 6 years of marriage, my first Mother's Day, and the blessed event of Isaiah's baptism.

It was a weekend to remember, to say the least.

I had a wonderful time planning the celebration lunch at our home - but all fun party details aside, my favorite part of the day was the quiet time I got to spend with my son. It was so meaningful to celebrate him with good friends and family.

A special thank you to Isaiah's lovely Godfamily (a new term we've coined). We are so thankful for your friendship. You are such a wonderful example to to us, and those around you. 

Isaiah you are a very special child, and so loved. So many people prayed for you, for which your Mommy and Daddy are very thankful. God has given you lots of angels - all of which were so delighted to celebrate your baptism.

Here are a few pics from the day...


Easy to make wreaths and mini-pennant banners, all made with ribbon and paper.


Wishes for baby: a sign-in page for guests to leave a note for Isaiah William...




I made simple flower arrangements for every mother who was there. For the cards, I asked their children to send me "words they would use to describe their mother." The results were so sweet...


Cookie favors for every guest...



"Ginger lemonades"= fizzy lemonade with a twist. 


Lemonade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...


And of course, the guest of honor. We are so proud of you, baby Isaiah.



Sarah said...

Such a beautiful party! And a beautiful boy. Congratulations on Isaiah's baptism....and on your smooth party planning skills. You're an inspiration!

Jara said...

Fun party! Congrats little Isaiah!

Everything looked sooo yummy!

Here's another lemonade recipe I had that you might like to try - its delish!

1 can of frozen pink lemonade (I use Minute Maid)

1 bottle Fresca

Mix together in a large pitcher - ENJOY!

LOVED your decorations!:)

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

Congratulations on Isaiah's baptism!
Your party decorations are amazing, they could totally be posted on the site I blogged about yesterday, Kara's Party Ideas. Where did you find all the fun stuff, like the striped straws etc.?

Alli Aars said...

Thanks guys! Maria, I found the straws and cupcake liners on Etsy, everything else I made from paper and ribbon I've been collecting... I did the color scheme around my favorite vintage napkins that I already owned. ;)

Briana said...

Congratulations on sweet Isaiah's baptism. We were so glad to be at church on Sunday and see such a special event. We are looking forward to Reid's baptism in June :) Love reading your blog and your party planning skills are AMAZING!!! Take care.
Briana Meixelsperger

Abbie said...

What great decor! I absolutely love the ice bin. Would you mind sharing where you got it?

Alli Aars said...

Thanks, Abbie! I actually found the ice bin at Target.

Anali Palacios said...

Congrats, everything is beautiful!!

LOVED, loved the sign-in page for guests to leave a note for Isaiah. Would you mind sharing where did you get it/how you did it? I would love to do that for my son. Thank you! :)

Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars} said...

Sure, Anali (beautiful name, by the way!).

I actually just made it myself. I chose a sheet of scrapbook paper, and then got creative with the handwriting at the top (with a pencil first, then outlining it with a fine point pen). It was so fun to "break the rules" with my usual handwriting.

I hope you make one! We treasure the precious notes we have on ours...

Anali Palacios said...

Thank you so much! You're so talented, I will try to do this, although I'm sure it won't be quite as beautiful :D

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